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Meet the people behind the 444th anniversary celebrations of Humanities

The 444th anniversary celebrations have started! This year, various activities and projects will take place within the Faculty of Humanities. In order to steer these in the right direction, five projects teams started with the preparations in January. These teams will do their utmost best to show why Humanities matter.

Core team

Lyonne van Gaalen, Ingrid van Gool, Katinka Janssen, Clemens Mayer, Rosalien van der Poel en Robin van Vleuten

The core team is the general contact point and advisory body for all 444 related issues in our faculty. Aside from overseeing the projects that have their own team, they mainly focus on all other activities in which humanities play a key role. They were co-responsible for the faculty New Year drinks and are currently working on a physical timeline, that will run through the Lipsius building, and the launch of Humanities merchandise later this year.

Friends and Family Day team

Kate Bellamy, Michel Crama, Sanderien de Jong, Syvia Roest-Aalbregt en Anneke Stracke

On Saturday 25 May a Friends and Family Day will be organized for (academic) staff members of the Humanities’ Faculty. The team is working on a varied programme for all ages. They are currently looking for enthusiastic staff members who are willing to organize lectures, workshops or tours. Do you have a fun idea? Send an e-mail to vriendenenfamiliedag@hum.leidenuniv.nl.

Contest and Art Exhibition Team

Nathalie Borst, Kristina Kovalenko, Lauren Pope, Katelin Post, Romy Ruigrok en Didem Yerli

The Faculty of Humanities is one of the most diverse and creative faculties of the university. And that’s something the Contest and Art Exhibition Team wants to show in the shape of a Humanities Matter exhibition of artworks from our own students, staff members, and alumni. How would you visualize your ties with your study programme or your research? Maybe in the form of a picture, painting, statue or poem... Interested? Follow us on social media or check the website, information will follow soon!

Faculty party team

Giovanni Baccani, Alison Buck, Ivo Kostons, Lorenzo Oechies en Simon Zwinkels

The 444 celebrations, of course, aren’t complete without a faculty-wide party for both students and staff members. During this night, that will most likely take place in early September, the party team will try to incorporate 444 years of humanities in a festive manner with music from different eras and a broad range of activities for everyone. Do you have an idea that the party can’t be without, or do you maybe want to perform yourself? Send an e-mail to humanitiesparty@hum.leidenuniv.nl. and let us know!

Photo and Video team

Simone Both, Jannet Harthoorn, Suzé Klok, Michael Rizkalla en Wide Vijselaar

‘A picture is worth a thousand words’, but how can we use images to show what the humanities are about? The Photo and Video team will look into this question, chances are that you will see them walking around equipped with a camera to discover the faculty and its stories. They will also be present at all 444 events to capture the moments.

We want to thank all the project team members for their effort and enthusiasm.

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