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Real-life cases and personal development in a multidisciplinary elective

Fancy working on a consultancy case from within or outside the University while learning practical skills and working on your personal development? That’s what the Personal and Professional Impact elective offers. And it’s the first elective in which students from five faculties will work together.

Personal and Professional Impact (PPI) aims to prepare you for your professional future by giving you the opportunity to tackle real-life issues in a consulting project. The issues come from both the University itself and other organisations in the public and private sector. The next round of the course will include two issues from the Learning with the City project, for instance. Alongside practical skills, the course also focuses on personal development, getting you to reflect on your own skills and role in the team. Experienced coaches support you here.

Students from five faculties will work together

Having been delivered twice to students from the Faculty of Social and Behavioural Sciences, the course is now open to third-year students from the Faculty of Humanities, Law, Archaeology and Governance and Global Affairs. PPI is the first elective at Leiden University in which students from five different faculties will work together. This will make it possible to take a multidisciplinary approach to the issues, with each individual student applying his or her own expertise.

Applying academic knowledge to real-life issues

Student Jelle Buijs followed the course last year. He worked on a question from TNO. They had developed a tool that could work out how long building materials would last after being recycled. ‘In the elective, I got to apply my academic knowledge to issues facing society. We worked on applied science with a team and consulted all sorts of different organisations. TNO ended up asking us to present our solution at their annual conference in Utrecht.’ Jelle would definitely recommend PPI to other students: ‘I learnt a lot during the course, on both a practical and personal level.’ 

More information and registration

Interested in the Professonal and Personal Impact elective? Registration is open until 16 August. The course will run from 12 September to 21 December 2019, and is worth 5 EC. See the eProspectus for more information or register straight away.

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