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Programme Committee Political Science: who, what, why?

The Bachelor Programme Committee represents all students enrolled in the three bachelor programmes of the Institute: International Relations and Organisations [IRO] (The Hague), Internationale Politiek/Internationale Betrekkingen en Organisaties (Leiden), and Politicologie (Leiden). Meet the student members.

Who are we?

Your student representatives for the 2019-2020 academic year:

  • Niels de Brabander, first year Politicologie
  • Catrin Bӧcher, third year IRO
  • Nina Spernjak, second year IRO
  • Elaine Tam, first year IRO

(The election results may be viewed here.)

What do we do?

Our roles and responsibilities:

As your student representatives, we serve as a conduit between the student body and Institute regarding the overall quality of education and general issues related to your study programme.  We meet regularly with Institute members of the Programme Committee to voice your concerns.  The Programme Committee then reports to the Programme and Institute Boards, whom in turn draft proposals with the goal of improving the quality of your educational programme.

Our limitations:

Although we liaise with the faculty on a regular basis, it should be noted that the Programme Committee occupies mainly an advisory role. Further information pertaining to the organisational structures of the Institute of Political Science can be found on its organisation page.

We do NOT address individual or personal issues, such as concerns regarding grades (in which case the Board of Examiners should be consulted), enrollment problems (which fall under the umbrella of Student Services), or individual complaints pertaining to specific professors, workgroups, assignments, etc.

What have we been discussing thus far this year?

  • The inclusion of additional elective courses to the IRO curriculum, in order to provide students with a broader choice in selecting courses. The Opleidingsbestuur (OB) is looking into this issue for the 2020-2021 academic year, resources permitting.
  • Professionalisation of teaching staff with regards to formulating multiple choice and open question exams. The Programme Board has received approval from the Board of Examiners and allocated resources towards relevant training sessions to this effect.
  • The proper implementation of the “four eyes” principle in the making of exams, which involves a second Institute member in reviewing drafts of exams. The OB has requested that the Board of Examiners ensure consistent adherence to this principle.
  • Employing guest lecturers to differentiate teaching. The Programme Board is in the process of developing guidelines regarding guest lecturers which minimise potential problems such as uncertainties regarding course ownership and examinable course material.

How can we be contacted?

E-mail: olcpoliticologiebsc@fsw.leidenuniv.nl.

Facebook: opleidingscommissie.politicologie.

Please do not hesitate to reach out to us – we are here for you! We look forward to a productive and fulfilling year in addressing your academic concerns and needs.

Best regards,
Niels, Catrin, Nina, and Elaine
Your student representatives on the Bachelor Programme Committee (2019-2020)

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