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Psychology students meet Alumni Methodology & Statistics

On February 13th, former students Methodology & Statistics (M&S) of Leiden University will share their current and previous professional activities, to provide M&S students an insight into their career perspectives.

M&S alumni career event

Date and time: February 13, 2020, from 19.15 hrs. till 22.00 hrs.
Room: room 1A20, Pieter de la Court Building
Programme: M&S Alumni Career Event

The Methodology and Statistics Unit of Leiden University (M&S, formerly M&T) organises its fourth M&S alumni event. With this event, we aim to bring current and former students in contact with each other, to provide you with insight into the career perspective of M&S alumni, and to help you in your quest for an internship and future job possibilities.

In a short session that will take place during the break of the meeting, all present alumni will be introduced to the current students and the students will be given the opportunity to ask questions. More questions can be asked afterwards during the informal drink in the café on the ground floor of the Pieter de la Court Building.

Several alumni will share their current and previous professional activities.

Robert Zwitser

Robert Zwitser is Head of Business Intelligence at the University of Amsterdam (UvA). The BI department is part of the executive staff, and is responsible for data-driven policy advice to the academic management of the university. In the past, Robert has worked as psychometrician at Cito, and as assistant professor in research methodology and statistics at the UvA. 



Clara Beck

A month after her graduation Clara started her first job at Centigrade GmbH in Germany which is a software company with focusing on user centred design. A cutting-edge topic in this field is usage data analysis and Clara helps to establish this combination of user research and data analysis. Since Centigrade is a service provider with a start-up atmosphere, Clara has the possibility to apply her knowledge in various client projects – and learns additionally a lot about project management, marketing and business strategies.  Working in such an interdisciplinary environment with visual designers, concept designers and design engineers is fun but also brings a lot of challenges. 

Aranka Bijl

Aranka Bijl works as a research and data scientist at eX:plain; an organisation based in Amersfoort that facilitates various types of certification exams. Her current focus is on improving the quality of the certification exams, as well as doing research on the prevention and detection of test fraud. 



Hanna van der Vlis

During the M&S master, Hanna completed her internship and graduation thesis at the Data Science office within Stedin, a network operator. She worked on several problems, from the profiling of driving behaviour within the mechanics of Stedin, to the prediction of energy contract reuptake. Since her graduation she has been working at Stedin, in the Grid analytics department. Here she tries to predict the impact of the energy transition on the electricity grid. Here she translates her statistical findings to the technical language of electrical engineers and business owners.  


Bunga Citra Pratiwi

Bunga is a PhD Candidate at the Methodology and Statistics department. Her research centers around testing multitude of ways to derive prediction rules from psychological tests using modern prediction methods. Using modern prediction methods, she hopes that the predictive validity of these tests could be optimized. In addition, she hopes that her work will help to improve the way predictive properties of tests are assess, especially for those that are used for high stakes decisions.
Apart from doing research she is also one of the instructors for a course on R. Bunga enjoys working directly with students and aspires to become a good educator. 


Lianne Schoot

Three months after graduating, I became a researcher at the Center for People and Buildings in Delft, a knowledge center which specialises in the relation between employees and their office space.

Currently, I am a statistical researcher at Statistics Netherlands (CBS). I am part of the department that produces all the national statistisc concerning Health and Wellfare. My team specifically focusses on figures related to the Wmo (2015), which is a law that allows your municipality to support you so that you can continue living at home.

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