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Meat Free Week in University cafés and restaurants

It doesn’t take much effort and yet has an enormous impact on humans, animals and the environment: choosing the vegetarian option. That’s why the University restaurants and cafés are joining in the third edition of National Meat Free Week from 9 to 15 March. The food on offer that week will be vegetarian only.

National Meat Free Week is an initiative that shows how easy and tasty it can be to skip meat (or fish) for a week. Just like Pure, the University’s sustainable catering concept, the aim is to raise awareness of how you can reduce your environmental footprint by choosing the vegetarian option.

If you don’t eat meat for a week, you will save:

  • 770 g of meat because you don’t eat the Dutch average of 110 g of meat per day for seven days.
  • 130 l of water because this isn’t used for irrigation in livestock farming or to produce animal feed or your daily helping of meat.
  • the equivalent of driving 76 km: based on the 13.3 kg of C02emissions for the production of animal feed, livestock farming and the packaging and preparation of your daily helping of meat.

If you go meat-free for one day per week, you save almost 6 kg of meat, the equivalent of driving 565 km and around 1,000 l of water per year. Join in and have an impact!

See https://weekzondervlees.nl/ for recipes and more information on National Meat-Free week [in Dutch].

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