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Jentje Zaal new student member of Institute Board CADS

As of April 1, Jentje Zaal is the new student member of the Institute Board (IB) of CADS. The IB directs the employees and stimulates the link between education and research in the field of cultural anthropology and development sociology.

The second-year student Cultural Anthropology represents the students in the IB. "The course is already quite good, as I experienced it. There are just a few small things I want to draw attention to. Some subjects could be better attuned to each other to improve the workload, for example. And lectures of three hours could perhaps be shorter, most students don't have such a long concentration curve."

Jentje has an affinity with the profession and therefore wants to improve the discipline for the students. "Last year I did fieldwork and there I saw in practice what I had gained from the knowledge I learned during the theory courses. I have become even more enthusiastic about anthropology and I enjoy dedicating myself to it".

In addition to student member Jentje Zaal, the IB consists of scientific director Cristina Grasseni, research director Bart Barendregt and education director Jan Jansen. Jentje Zaal replaces Hente de Ruijter.

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