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Video message from our dean Michiel Kreutzer: 'Take care'

Dear students,

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Just three weeks ago, our lecture halls and labs closed due to the corona crisis. A lot has happened in those three weeks. Thanks to the efforts of our teachers and support staff and your ability to adapt quickly to the new situation, most of our education is now carried out remotely. Education looks different than we were used to: teaching methods have changed, we only have online contact with each other and we cannot be in the lab.

Now that most of our lectures are conducted remotely, we are also working on alternatives for the other types of education: practicals, fieldwork and (research) internships. That may mean you may not be in the lab as much as you hoped for. Or that you have to do part of your final project with already available data, from your own research or that of others. What the future will look like is uncertain, but you can be confident that we are doing everything we can to get through this crisis together. Our objectives are to ensure that you don’t fall back too much and that the value of your diplomas is maintained.

In this difficult time I ask you the same that I ask the professors: be flexible and give others space, everyone is working very hard under strain. Stay positive and look for creative solutions. In these times we can come up with the most innovative and fresh initiatives. And finally: stay fit, stay healthy, and then go back to focusing on studying.

Wishing you all the best from the board of the Faculty of Science

Michiel Kreutzer, Dean
Bart de Smit, Vice-dean of education
Dirkje Schinkelshoek, Executive director
Bas Schaalje, Assessor (student afairs)

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