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University elections: relevant to all students

The University elections are from 25 to 29 May. You get to choose who will represent you this coming year in the various faculty councils, the LUMC Student Council and the University Council. Which parties can you vote for and what do they stand for?

This year six student parties are standing for the University elections:

As a student, you can vote for the University Council and for your faculty council (the Student Council at the LUMC). Not all parties have a candidate standing for each faculty council. See the election site to see who is standing for election at your faculty.


I’m Laurènce Fierens, party leader for CSL for the University Council. CSL is a party that takes every vote seriously. Next year, we want to dedicate our efforts to inclusion, to campaign for welfare and sustainability at our university. CSL believes in anonymous exam marking, campaigns to make the consultation bodies visible, believes that education should be fully accessible to people with a disability and wants to reduce paper waste. Do you have confidence in our ability to improve Leiden University next year as well? Check out our website, vote CSL and participate!!

The Democratic Students Party - The Hague (DSP)

I’m Katherine Willey and I’m party leader for DSP for the University Council. We are different from the majority of parties as our team is a diverse mix of both Dutch and international students. We are excited to continue the pursuit of better representation for non-Dutch speakers in university democracy, and advocating for the interests of Campus The Hague and international students across Leiden University. DSP’s plans for next year include introducing practical measures regarding internationalisation and improving mental health support services.

Make sure you are represented by voting in the university elections. And if you share our concerns: Vote DSP!

Liberale Studentenpartij (LSP)

My name is Bas Knapp and I’m a candidate for the Liberale Studentenpartij (LSP). With the largest number of candidates, we represent the active student. Last year, for instance, it was at our initiative that the discussion was held about the available budget for students who do board or committee work. We are also critical of proctoring during exams and are calling for a concrete and smart approach to sustainability at the University. And we have called on the Executive Board to hold a full EL CID at a later date in addition to a digital introduction week. To find out more or if you have any suggestions, check out our website!

Lijst Vooruitstrevende Studenten (LVS)

I’m Marlene van der Velden and I’m a candidate for LVS, the party that campaigns for an inclusive university that provides space for ambitious education. We want support for diversity networks and for diverse modes of address to be used at the University. We also have a permanent focus on student welfare, aim for a curriculum that focuses on sustainability issues and believe that digital teaching should be a supplement to offline teaching. Regardless what you think, it’s important to vote. You decide who will represent you next year!

Read our full party manifesto

Ondernemende Studenten Leiden (ONS Leiden)

My name is Floor van Lelyveld and I’m a candidate for ONS, Ondernemende Studenten Leiden. ONS is the green party for the active student! All students must be able to develop to their full potential both within and outside their studies. Over the past year, ONS has focused on increasing allowances for board work, fair top-athlete status, merging the introduction weeks, green travel grants and a discount on coffee it you bring your own cup!

With your vote, we want to improve study facilities at home and in the University buildings, make internships and exchanges more appealing, improve integration between Dutch and international students and tackle the University websites! Vote ONS!

Partij voor Biomedische Studenten (PBMS)

I’m Maarten Wille, a candidate for the Partij voor Biomedische Studenten (PBMS). For and by students: that’s what consultation should be. Not by and for the members of the consultation bodies, whom you only see once when they’re asking for your vote. We want structural representation for every faculty and degree programme. It shouldn’t depend on a few individuals whether the interests of students at the Faculty of Archaeology, Faculty of Science or LUMC are represented at the University level. As a real party with medical and biomedical students, we find student welfare extremely important. The University should foster the physical and mental health of its students. Healthy catering, student psychologists at each faculty and removing unnecessary (bureaucratic) stressors are ways to achieve this. So. Vote. PBMS.

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