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University election results: little change, turnout somewhat lower

The results of the 2020 University elections have been announced. With the exception of a few seats, little will change in the University Council in comparison with last year. The student turnout was somewhat lower, possibly because of coronavirus.

From 25 to 29 May, all students and staff had the opportunity to vote for their participation bodies. The results show that – like last year – the student section of the University Council is very fragmented. For the coming year, the eight seats will be shared by no fewer than six parties. There has been a minor shift: the Liberale Studentenpartij (LSP) has won one seat at the expense of the Christelijke Studentenfractie Leiden (CSL).

Staff section

There has also been a small shift in the staff section of the University Council. FNV Overheid won five of the eight seats last year and has now won an additional seat. The only other participating party – PhDoc – has consequently lost a seat, and now has two of its members on the University Council.

The turnout for the student section was lower than last year. Precisely 18% of the electorate voted in comparison with 21.5% last year. At 23.9%, the staff turnout was higher than the student turnout. The corona crisis may play a role in the lower turnout: with everyone working and studying from home, campaigning on campus was not possible, for instance.

Faculty councils

Student sections of all the faculty councils and the LUMC Student Council were also elected. The results show that the turnout differed significantly between the faculties. Whereas the Faculty of Science and the Faculty of Humanities had a low turnout of 15 and 17.7% respectively, for the LUMC and the Faculty of Archaeology this was as high as 25.7 and 27.6%.

For the full results see here.

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