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Video message from Dean Michiel Kreutzer: ‘Stay strong’

The corona crisis was initially a sprint, but has now become a marathon, says Dean Michiel Kreutzer in a video message to employees and students. While the Faculty reopens very cautiously, patience is still important, he argues. ‘Keep faith, stay strong, and we will get through this.’

Baby steps  

‘Let's face it: I am done with video calls too,’ says Michiel at the beginning of the video. The Dean is pleased that the Faculty can now take the first steps towards physical education and research. He emphasises that these are just baby steps: ‘A little more each time, but always less than we would like.’  

Video message Michiel Kreutzer

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Since a few weeks, the laboratories are open for the most urgent research, such as PhD candidates and postdocs approaching the end of their research. Starting next week, the first students will be added: both students in the lab who are almost graduated and students who have an exam that cannot be taken remotely. Michiel: ‘For the rest, working from home remains the norm.’   

Talk to your manager 

The Dean also discusses that in these times, it is not always possible to fully perform your work. ‘I say: a B- is now an A+. Talk to your manager and see what is possible. In terms of research and education, what is the most important thing to get through these times?’  

Michiel feels confident about the Faculty, he says in the video. ‘In the end, we are all going to get out of this, and that is what we have to focus on.’

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