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Introducing the new Chair for L.A.S. Terra: Iqra Amer

The start of this new study year is not like any other year. Covid-19 changed the way L.A.S. Terra introduces itself to the new students and how activities will be organised this year. The famous first years’ weekend cannot take place; however, the new board has a plan to make the new students feel at home. Iqra Amer, chair of L.A.S. Terra, tells us what we can expect from the study association.

Iqra Amer

Introducing Terra in times of corona

‘The idea is to still have the first few weeks an introduction of Terra, where the study association presents itself and shows what it possible, followed by the introduction of the subgroups. Activities will be held online, using the Terra discord, or they will be organised outside in big parks so we can guarantee the 1.5 meter distance.’

The various committees of Terra, such as the book market, gala and the entertainment committee, etc. will also be presented during the introduction weeks. ‘All committees, except the travel committee, will be open for applications. We are still hoping that, later in this study year, more will be possible, so we want to at least get started in planning various big events. For example, if it is possible at the time, we would like to do a first years’ weekend around the start of the second semester.’

Fortunately, L.A.S. Terra has already received quite some applications, and the hope is that more students will join during the introduction weeks.

New platform

‘Terra will also be visible on another platform this year. Besides Instagram, Facebook, the website, and Discord, Terra wants to expand a bit. Therefor YouTube will be added. Many of the students are creative and have skills that we like to bring forward. YouTube will be an excellent platform for this, as it offers our subgroups, committees, and students a way to bring their knowledge to the Terra members and beyond. ‘

Vision for this year

‘We want to keep the same warmth and atmosphere within Terra so that everyone feels at home. We have to follow the restrictions, but despite that, we want to keep it as normal as possible and make sure everyone has a good time.

We are looking forward to seeing everyone again at our activities!'

Want to know more about L.A.S. Terra? Join their Facebook group, contact them via e-mail at bestuurlasterra@gmail.com, or walk by the Terra Office when you happen to be at the Van Steenis building (C0.08).

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