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Corona measures in student housing: ‘Visitors are ony allowed when everyone agrees’

In many student cities, the number of corona infections grows, and in Leiden we can also see rising figures. Especially in student housing, it is sometimes difficult to keep your distance, how do you do that? We asked students about mutual agreements in their student housing.

Following the measures

Student of Global Philosophy Daniëlle lives in Leiden with three other housemates. ‘The four of us follow the RIVM measures, for example that you are allowed a maximum of three visitors per day. These visitors only come if the rest of the group agrees.' Lately they haven’t had a lot of visitors to begin with, Daniëlle says: 'One of my housemates had to take a corona test and we have a rule that the rest of us stays indoors until the results of the test are known'. She also placed a pump bottle with disinfectant gel at the front door of her house. ‘When you come home you can clean your hands right away so that you don't bring any bacteria into the house.'

Don’t do anything stupid

China studies student Emma has not created very strict rules with her housemates. ‘We don't follow special rules in our house, but that's mainly because we know that we don't do anything stupid. When we meet with people outside the house, we only meet up with the same people,' she explains. That's how she and her housemates make sure that together, they keep their circle small. She doesn't have a shared living space in her house: 'We actually just spend time in our own rooms and my visitors don't come into contact with my housemates either.'

Student Jannet Harthoorn

Consulting with each other

Jannet studies Journalism and New Media and although she only has two housemates, clear agreements have been made. ‘Whenever I want to invite someone over at our place, I let my other housemates know. They may then decide whether that is okay. We only have a small house where it's difficult to keep a distance, so it's important that everyone agrees’, she says. Jannet's housemates also consult with her before they invite someone over. ‘And we make sure we mainly meet up with the same people, that's how we keep our bubble small.’

Registering visitors

Law student Charlotte lives on the Herengracht in the Oudeliedenhuis with about thirty other students. ‘We have rules about visitors, everyone has to register those in the group chat.’ It is difficult to keep a distance, according to Charlotte: 'In the shared living space in the house, housemates often sit together.' In the huge building someone has just tested positive, 'this roommate goes into quarantine as well as the people who have come into contact with her, in the bathroom or kitchen. Luckily I don't have to quarantine, I don't share any facilities with her.'

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