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Corona: support for (and from) students

The corona crisis has also had a huge impact on our university and therefore on the lives of our students too. With our teaching mostly online and only limited social contact possible, this may not only be very frustrating, but also very difficult for you. We understand your worries and are doing all we can to help. Below is a list of where to find information, tips or simply a sympathetic ear.

Corona: support for (and from) students

The constant uncertainty about coronavirus is putting us all under a great deal of strain. It’s understandable if you are feeling anxious and stressed about your studies or health. We have information and tools that may be of some help:  

  • On our Healthy University @ Home you’ll find tips on how to stay healthy at home, both mentally and physically. For instance, ideas on how to reduce stress, or apps to help you relax.  There’s also information on a good posture when studying at home and tips on how to stay fit and healthy. 
  • You can follow various online programmes through the Caring Universities initiative of the universities of Maastricht, Leiden, Rotterdam and VU Amsterdam. They’re free and you’ll receive support from an online coach. There are modules on dealing with stress and improving your mood. The range of programmes is set to increase over the coming months. 
  • The University Sports Centre has online tutorials that will help you stay active while studying at home.

If you would prefer to talk to someone, there are plenty of options: 

  • First-years can contact their mentor or tutor. Feel free to tell your mentor or tutor about the problems you are facing, even if you think that they are ‘only’ minor problems. Mentors can offer advice on the basis of their own experience or refer you to the support that you need.  
  • Talk to your study adviser. Even if your concerns aren’t directly related to your studies, your study adviser can help you find the right support.  
  • Call or mail Student Support Services: studentsupport@leidenuniv.nl or 071 – 527 8025 or 071 – 527 8026 (working days from 9.30 to 12.00). They can also offer a sympathetic ear if you are worried or feel lonely. 
  • Our student psychologists and student counsellors are also able to help. Although you can’t meet them in person at the moment, you can contact them by phone or mail. Find the right study adviser or coordinator on the webpage about our study guidance and advisers, and see how and when to contact them.  
  • Call the Rapenburg100 (Leiden Student Ekklesia) Corona Crisis Student Support line to discuss your concerns with one of their life coaches or spiritual counsellors. They are available seven evenings a week: 071 744 0168 (from 16.00 to 18.00 and 20.00 to 22.00).  More information.  

Urgent psychological help

If you need urgent psychological help, please contact your own doctor or the out-of-hours surgery in Leiden or The Hague. If you are having suicidal thoughts, call 113 or chat on 113.nl. If you are facing a life-threatening situation, call 112.

I have questions about remote teaching

All the relevant information about online teaching can be found in our online dossier: Studying in times of corona. Here you will find the latest news, the Campus Protocol and the Corona Check, practical information on online study and tips on how to  download and use certain programs from home. We have also compiled  a list of FAQs.  

  • If you don’t have a good pc or laptop but need to take an online exam, you can borrow a laptop for a day or longer. Read about how to arrange this here.  
  • If you are worried you will fall behind in your studies because of the situation, for instance if you are unable to concentrate, are caring for a family member or are ill yourself, talk to your study adviser as soon as possible. They will be able to advise and help you. 
  • Learn online how to study efficiently at the ePOPcorner. Take the SMART study questionnaire to find out more about your study style or follow various free workshops on how to: study effectively, manage your time, sit exams, understand statistics and make mind maps. You can follow the workshops online and at your own pace. They are available to all our students through Brightspace. If you would like to follow a workshop, you will need to register first.  
  • If you have a disability and are having problems with online teaching, please contact the Fenestra Disability Centre, , the University expertise centre for students with a disability.

I am missing the contact with other students

With much of our teaching online and social activities outside your studies very limited, you may feel lonely or alone at times.  

  • If you are a first year, you can always contact your mentor or tutor, or the other students in your mentor/tutor group. Try to keep in touch with one another, also outside the meetings. And if you think that someone from your group could use some extra support, why not give them a call?
  • Find a buddy through the buddy system. We’ll try to pair you up with another student, your buddy. They’ll be in regular touch to support you, and can also help if you are in quarantine, by doing your shopping, for instance. Find out more
  • Join one of the Student Support Groups. You’re not alone. Sharing your experiences with other students can help. Everyone is welcome at these online support groups. Register at studentsupportgroups@sea.leidenuniv.nl.

I want to help other students

Perhaps you feel fine at the moment, which is great news. If so, maybe you’d like to help other students who could use some support  

  • You could volunteer as a buddy. You will be paired with a student as and when your help is needed. This could mean helping a student in quarantine or a student who needs some social contact.  
  • We are looking for enthusiastic students to run one of our Student Support Group for a small remuneration. To apply, send an email to studentsupportgroups@sea.leidenuniv.nl.  
  • Keep in touch with your fellow students, arrange to meet them outside of classes to catch up. If there is someone in your year or in your classes that you haven’t seen for a while, let us know or give them a call yourself.  
  • If you have any good ideas to help improve our students’ wellbeing, send them to ideeenstudentenwelzijn@sea.leidenuniv.nl.  

I want to work on my personal development

Studying is a skill you can learn, and study skills are particularly important when you’re studying at home. We therefore offer various study skills workshops

  • And if you want to work on your personal development follow one of the workshops.  
  • You can work on your online study skills at the ePOPcorner. The workshops are free and online. You will need to register for them.  
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