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From healthy eating to the art of failing: join in the Student Wellbeing Weeks

It’s good to know you’re not alone in these strange times. That’s why Leiden University is organising the Student Wellbeing Weeks from 18 January to 14 February 2021. In these weeks we’ll help you with workshops, lectures and activities to keep you mentally and physically fit.

As a student, you’re facing a lot of challenges, particularly in the current strange times: you have fewer (in person) contacts, you’re studying mainly at home and you’re out and about much less. Over a period of four weeks, during the Student Wellbeing Weeks, we will be offering interactive workshops, inspiring lectures and physical sports activities all designed to have a positive impact on your wellbeing. The activities will range from getting enough exercise to the art of failing, from healthy recipes to inspiring talks and from worrying less to how to handle your finances.

We’re giving you below a taste of some of the fun and inspiring activities we’re planning. You can find the full programme on the website of the Student Wellbeing Weeks. Many of the activities will take place online, so you can follow them from home. For some of the activities there is a limit to the number of people who can take part, so make sure you sign up quickly!

Coronacoaster: being a student during COVID-19

Is it something of a challenge being a student during the coronavirus epidemic? Are you keen to have contacts with fellow students? Do you need to find a more productive way or structuring your day? Could you do with a boost to your motivation?

If your answer to any of these questions is ‘yes’, then you should join the ‘corona coaster webinar'. During this interactive programme you’ll exchange experiences with fellow students and you’ll get to work on your personal challenge with the help of expert advice and practical tools. The meeting is a mix of informal contacts, working together with other students on personal goals and learning some professional tips you can use. Attention will also be paid to integrating the insights you gain during the webinar in your daily life as a student.

On Friday 22 January (Dutch spoken), Friday 29 January and Wednesday 3 February (Dutch spoken). You do need to sign up.

The power of positivity

What have you done today that’s good for you? Rather than focusing on our problems and the obstacles that get in the way, we’ll look at things from a different angle. We’ll focus on the positive things in life: what motivates you and what makes you feel good? In this lecture you’ll learn more about positive psychology and wellbeing.

27 January. You do need to sign up.

Sports lessons from the USC

Every day during the Wellbeing Weeks the USC will be giving a free sports lesson. What do you think of an hour boot camping, an intensive full body workout filled with burpees and planking? Or are you more interested in a yin yoga lesson to relax your muscles now you spend so much of the day sitting down?

Check the programme to see what lessons are on offer and how you can take part. You can follow some lessons live via Instagram, but you need to sign up for others.

Failing Forward

Are you fed up with having to listen to the amazing success stories of other people that leave you feeling as if you’re the only person whose life isn’t going smoothly? During ‘Failing Forward’, fellow students will share their personal experiences and times when things didn’t go according to plan during their studies. The aim with this event is to create a culture where we celebrate the fact that you’ve tried something rather than just success stories, and we’ll try to break down the stigma around failing. Are you curious about the not-so-perfect stories of your fellow students? If so, sign up for this session and discover that there’s no need to feel any shame about your own fiascoes!

Wednesday 10 February at 15.00 hrs. The first 300 people to click on the link at that point in time will be able to take part.

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