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University elections: vote now!

Your vote for the University and Faculty Council counts! The councils play an important role at the university. To vote click on the link in the right-hand column. Cast your vote by Friday 21 May, 16.00.

The representative bodies at Leiden University have a say at the university level as the University Council and at the faculty level as the faculty councils, which also have a student member. They have the right to advise on some matters and a right to approve on others. The right to approve means that management may not act on proposal if the representative body in question does not agree. It will instead have to amend the proposal. The members of the representative bodies can also raise their own issues.

The budget is a major topic: what is the university/faculty spending its money on and which choices has it made? The allocation of what are termed the ‘quality funds’, which universities have received from government since the student grants system was scrapped, is topical here. But representation relates to all sorts of things, such as studying with a disability, promoting diversity and inclusion, and creating a safe environment. The University Council first consults the faculty councils before reaching a verdict on the planned expenditure.

Leiden University has a joint participation system, which means that students and staff sit together on the university and faculty councils. This makes it possible for them to act as one when representing student interests. However, students elect the student members and staff the staff members.

Joanne, CSL


Party leader: Joanne Sloof - jasloof@gmail.com 

I’m Joanne Sloof and am the CSL candidate for the University Council. We are standing for a safe online teaching environment and a high quality education. Your wellbeing and study problems matter to us. We believe that recorded teaching material should be available online, even after Covid, and are calling for smaller classes, more options for flexible learning, more study advisers/psychologists and interdisciplinary learning. Together we students must stand up for our wellbeing, the teaching quality we are entitled to and an inclusive university. These may be uncertain times, but CSL will represent your interests! Vote CSL and vote for a good response to the coronavirus pandemic both now and when it’s over!

Irene, DSP The Hague

DSP The Hague

Party leader: Irene Vettiyadan - irene.vettiyadan@gmail.com

I'm Irene Vettiyadan and I'm a candidate for DSP, a diverse party comprising Dutch and international students. Over the past three years, we have focused on gaining better representation for non-Dutch speakers in university democracy, increasing mental health facilities, and advancing the interests of Campus The Hague and international students across Leiden University. We are excited to continue our pursuit of these goals in the coming year while also advocating for greater inclusivity and sustainability. If you share our goals, choose inclusivity and vote @dspthehague in the upcoming elections!

Bas, LSP


Party leader: Bas Knapp - basknapp@gmail.com 

The university elections give students the chance have their say on how our fantastic university is run. Whether this means study facilities, making our buildings more sustainable, improving the quality of the teaching or boosting student life: chances are the University Council or faculty councils will have a say and help decide on these. LSP is the youngest, fastest-growing and largest student party in Leiden. Our motto is: student life is much more than study alone. And we are committed to this! Questions or suggestions? Contact us through our socials. 

Rassoul, LVS


Party leader: Rassoul Coelen  - r.coelen@umail.leidenuniv.nl

LVS doesn’t just represent active, international or science students but has been representing all students since 2008. Everyone must have the opportunity to give their own shape to their time at university. The main thing is that students feel at home, know their options and receive a high-quality education without feeling under too much pressure. At LVS we work all year round for a better university, both within and outside the participation councils. Vote for a sustainable, ambitious and progressive university. Vote LVS!

Floor, ONS


Party leader: Floor van Lelyveld - f.h.van.lelyveld@umail.leidenuniv.nl

Enough study spaces, more in-person teaching, appropriate timetables, responding to internationalisation and a focus on student wellbeing and making the food, buildings and curriculum more sustainable: these subject matter to ONS. ONS represents the interests of active students who, alongside following a rewarding degree programme, want to be able shape their own student life. ONS is active, engaged and trustworthy. We helped lower the BSA norm for first-year students this year and are working to ensure that improving student wellbeing and the university’s services are included in the new strategic plan. For more see the ONS website, Instagram, LinkedIn or Facebook. And vote ONS!

Rebekka, PBMS


Party leader: Rebekka van Beek - Rebekka.van.beek@outlook.com

For and by students: that’s what representation should be. Decisions about students by students. How well are you represented at the moment? And what have the current parties done for you? PBMS is fighting for a Leiden University Council, faculty council and student council where every student’s voice is heard. Contact with students and accessible meetings keep our party on its toes. We don’t ignore difficult subjects but tackle them instead, together with all students from all programmes. For us, student wellbeing, digitalisation and internationalisation are more than empty words: we get things done. 

PBMS, getting your voice heard..

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