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Visit of Rector Magnificus and chair Executive Board: 'We would have preferred to do this physically as well'

On 3 June, Annetje Ottow (chair) and Hester Bijl (rector magnificus) met the Humanities faculty. Although a physical introduction was preferred, this visit also had to be done digitally.

Dean Mark Rutgers gave a short introduction and the vice-deans explained the wide range of education we offer. Claartje Levelt (Linguistics), Bruno Verbeek (Global Philosophy) and Giles Scott-Smith (International Studies) presented their programmes.

Virtual tour

After a virtual tour of the campus (with a brief excursion to The Hague and Rabat), both directors engaged in conversation with four students. Topics covered included preparing for the job market, studying in corona times and the role of the humanities in society. The members of the Executive Board will become acquainted with our research when they visit the institutes. It will hopefully be possible to do that on campus in the new academic year.

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