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From home study to the classroom: or rather not...?

In the past year, our lives mainly revolved around what was often a very small space. We studied, worked, had drinks and slept in a space of 12m² on average. Here we look at how you experienced studying at home, and we zoom in on the things you're most looking forward to in the new academic year.

This is the second part of the Summer series From home study to the classroom

Via Instagram we asked you what you will miss most about studying at home. Sleeping late and the flexibility of homeschooling were mentioned several times. You also appreciated not having to travel far to get to classes, and the endless coffee and lectures that could be followed lying in bed. The discussion about 'whether or not to turn on the bright UB light', the daily search for a study place in the library or waiting in the queue to pass the security gate, are things you certainly did not miss.

Despite these advantages, it has not always been easy this past year. That you still made the best of it became clear when we asked you to send in photos of your home office. The fluorescent tubes of the University Library were exchanged for cozy light, the most beautiful flowers appeared on your desks, you worked with multiple screens and the view of that oh-so-lonely tree in the faculty library was in some cases even exchanged for a view of a vast golf course.

Of course, we were also very curious to know the things you are most looking forward to when face-to-face teaching starts again. These turned out to be the simple things that we all took for granted for years. You let us know that you are looking forward to the social contact, meeting new people and attending lectures and workshops in a real lecture hall.

All in all, in the past year and a half you have made the best of the situation. Studying at home sometimes turned out to be not so bad after all. Still, most of you say that the advantages of studying at home do not outweigh the disadvantages. Taking lectures with friends and having more than 12m² of space to move around is hard to beat. Maybe we can still start a petition with Leiden municipality to build a golf course next to the UB, so at least the beautiful view is not lost!

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