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What’s on? Find out in the Uni-Life app

There is more and more for students to do. Visit a film festival, follow a workshop or try a sport, for example. But how can you see at a glance what’s on and whether anyone wants to join you? Download the Uni-Life app and find out.

‘Uni-Life brings together all public activities within and outside the University,’ says Mark Kuipers (from Student and Educational Affairs). The University has purchased the app, and student and event organisers can use it for free, he explains. These could be study and student associations, but also organisers from outside the University, such as sport clubs and cultural festivals.

Bring students together

Why is the University providing the app? Kuipers: ‘With the long lockdowns lots of students ended up in social isolation. They want to do fun activities once again and meet other students, but don’t always know what there is to do. This app makes it easier to find out, so it improves student wellbeing and brings students together.’ 

Everything in one place

Psychology student Nienke Jongejan already uses the app and can see its advantages. ‘It takes me a lot of time and effort to look at all the different diaries and websites. Now I have a much better idea of what’s going on because it’s all in one place.’ After the long lockdowns she too feels the need to get out and about again. ‘For ages now, I’ve hardly been able to meet anyone at all. This app is encouraging me to get active again.’

Nienke Jongejan already uses the app.

From foodies to cryptocurrency followers

The range of activities is giving Jongejan new ideas. In the ‘meet ups’ section you can easily meet new people and ask who fancies a festival or a quick game of football. And it’s easy to start a new community and find others who share your interests. There are already communities of sport fanatics, foodies, cryptocurrency followers and film freaks, and there’s a community for new students at the University.

Open to all

The idea behind the app is to bring people together, says Kuipers. Associations can post activities as long as these aren’t for members only but are open to all students. Since the start of the academic year, around 400 students have already downloaded the app. Kuiper and Jongejan hope that many more will follow. Jongejan: ‘Download the app because you just might stumble across an event or club that makes student life even more fun.’

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