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Surprising productions at the Humanities Lab Film Festival

Humour, science and creativity. During the Humanities Lab Film Festival this came all together in the short films that the students of the Honours College Humanities have made in the last few weeks. “Working together with people of different studies is inspiring.”

The Film Festival is part of the Humanities Lab, the honours programme of the Faculty of Humanities. In the Humanities Lab, students of different studies and nationalities work together on challenging social topics. “The purpose of this course is to bring students together”, says professor Jan Sleutels, who organises the festival.

In the last few weeks, the participants have concerned themselves with the question how digitalization influences the humanities, and they have made a film about this. Today, during the Humanities Lab Filmfestival, the final productions will be admired. At the end, students will vote which production should be the winner. With some closing drinks it promises to be a festive event, which takes place on site for the first time this year.

From documentary to talkshow

Last year, when the festival was held online, the influence of digitalization on the humanities was also the theme of the event. During the period of online education this subject was very relevant, but this year it turns out to be topical again. The students have produced eleven films in total, in which they give different perspectives on this topic.

For example, The Tok Show is about the part that social media plays in the access to information and An Enlightened Rijks concerns the inclusive possibilities of digitalization for people with a disability. “It is surprising to see what students come up with”, says Jan Sleutes proud, “and I enjoy the creativity and humour they have used in their productions.”

The students themselves are also amused during the festival. The interdisciplinary character of the course has resulted in a lot of surprising productions: “Working together with people of different studies or another faculty is inspiring”, tell student-ambassadors Chiara and Nora.

This was the first year that the festival took place on site.

Rightful winner

After three intermediate voting rounds, it is time for the final vote. It is Jan Sleutels’ honour to give away the virtual audience award, completely in line with the theme of the festival. The award goes to the satirical informative documentary The Dissappearance of Het Binnenhof. In this film, the group members show in a humorous way how news media interpret and frame the mysterious disappearing of the political power in the Netherlands - each in their own language.

According to Jan Sleutels, the producers of this film have made creative use of the different nationalities of the team members. And with this winner, the goal has been reached: the Humanities Lab Film Festival has brought people together, and this year for the first time in 'real life' as well.

(Text: Elodie Harreman)

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