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'A toast to resilience': faculty New Year’s event 2022

On Tuesday 11 January 2022, the new year at the faculty was ushered in with an online event. Dean Joanne van der Leun toasted the new year and of course the annual Meijers prizes and thesis awarded were presented.

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The New Year’s event started with Dean Joanne van der Leun raising her glass. 'An exciting year awaits us’, she said. 'There’s much to do, including the mid-term review for education. A time to reflect on what we’re doing and where improvements can be made. You are invited to think with us about the faculty strategy.'

'We will keep looking forward and cope with everything that comes our way. We all need some form of support. So let’s give a toast to resilience!'

Academic freedom

The main theme of the Meijers Lecture this year was academic freedom and it was delivered by Assistant Professor Vasiliki Kosta. In her lecture 'Academic freedom and the commercialisation of academia' Kosta addressed, among other things, the questions of what the commercialisation of society entails and what public law says about it. 

The lecture was concluded with our very own satirical Breaking News broadcast in which students presented the most ‘important’ items of student news.

Meijers prizes and thesis prizes

In line with tradition, the Meijers prizes for the best published articles and the thesis prizes for the best theses written in the past year were presented. An overview of all the winners is available here.

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