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Markus Davidsen wins 2021 Impact Prize

Markus Davidsen, assistant professor of Religious Studies, is the winner of the 2021 Impact Prize. He is receiving the prize of 1,000 euros for the material he has developed for religious education in secondary schools.

Markus Davidsen

The Impact Prize is awarded on an annual basis to a researcher who has contributed over the previous year to enhancing the societal impact of their teaching or research. Besides Davidsen, Evert Jan van Leeuwen, Tsolin Nalbantian, Sietze Norder, Benjamin Suchard and Joost Welten were also nominated for their work on giving their teaching and research greater visibility within society.

‘The most eye-catching gem’

The jury commented that it was difficult to choose among the six nominees, in part because the nominations included separate initiatives alongside more extensive programmes. Nonetheless, they were unanimous in selecting Davidsen.  ‘For the jury, one gem really stood out among the treasure chest of nominations,’ they wrote, after which they praised Davidsen’s work in a lengthy discussion of article 23 from the Constitution: the freedom of education and religious teaching in secondary schools. 

The jury felt that Davidsen had not only addressed this issue, but had also offered a solution by devising a ‘present-day educational solution that is also transferable to other subjects’ and developing ‘fantastic teaching material’ for the teaching of religion in secondary schools. ‘The scope of the impact of this candidate is potentially enormous, assisted by the collaboration with teachers of religion at secondary schools.’ 

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