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Leiden University signs Declaration on Student Well-Being

Leiden University and four other parties have signed a declaration in which they agree to improve the well-being of students in Leiden. They signed this Declaration on Student Well-Being on 5 April at the Leidsch Besturendiner, a dinner for student associations, universities, local government and business.

Besides Leiden University, the Municipality of Leiden, the University of Applied Sciences Leiden, the Local Chamber of Associations (PKvV) and the Study Associations Consultation Platform (StOP) signed the declaration.

Coronavirus and student stress

The cooperation in the area of student well-being has come about because well-being in the broadest sense of the word is under pressure. The coronavirus crisis, student stress, the changing society and the pressure of social media: student well-being is in need of some attention.

The five parties in Leiden want to join forces to buck the negative trend and promote student well-being across the board. They will focus not only on solving problems and obstacles but also on prevention. The five are already working on student well-being within their own organisations. Students from Leiden University can follow workshops, but they can also get professional help.

By working together, the organisations will be able to share experiences and best practices. They are working on an action plan that they expect to have finished by the summer. Anyone interested can join the initiative.

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