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Results of University elections: swing in student representation

The results of the 2022 University elections are out. The student section of the University Council will be different from how it has been in the past two years. Unlike last year, the student parties that stood for election did not all win a seat.

Update 14 June 2022: The Belang van Omar party has withdrawn. Leader and only member of the party, Omar Ghaly, is unable to combine the seat on the University Council with a degree programme that he is following. The seat will go to CSL. 

The student section of the University Council has six parties on eight seats.

The number of seats per party in 2021 and 2022.

LVS and PBMS gained one more seat than last year, while LSP and ONS each lost a seat. The new Belang van Omar party also won a seat at the expense of CSL, which has not secured a seat on the University Council this year.

In total 5,240 students voted, which meant a turnout of 15.2 per cent. This is over one per cent less than last year.

Faculty councils

The student members of the faculty councils and the LUMC Student Council were also elected. See here for the full results. The turnout percentages differ greatly between the faculties. At the Faculty of Governance and Global Affairs and the Faculty of Social and Behavioural Sciences, 11.8 and 13.8 per cent voted respectively. At the Faculty of Science and the Faculty of Medicine, this was 19 and 24.8 per cent.

See also the election results for the staff parties.

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