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‘How expensive is migration?’

Migrants are expensive. Or are they? Professor Olaf van Vliet collaborated on a big research project from Leiden University to map the costs of migration. During the last episode of this season of the podcast Open Geesten (Open Minds), he talks about the initial results. Do migrants really put a lot of pressure on the social system or are things not as bad as they seem?

About Olaf van Vliet

Olaf van Vliet is Professor Economics, specialising in social security and labour market policy from an international perspective. Van Vliet conducts research into the areas of labour economics and political economy. His main focus is on welfare state reform, flexibilization of the labour market, the effects of globalization and technological change (such as digitalization and automation), labour migration, and income inequality.

About the podcast

Researchers of the Faculty of Humanities talk  on the Podcast ‘Open Geesten’ (Open Minds) about their research. In the second season, professors Marlou Schrover, Mirjam de Bruijn, and Olaf van Vliet discussed migration. In three episodes they talked about their research into migration history, migration to and from Africa, and the costs of migration and what that means for our society. Open Geesten is available on Spotify, Apple Podcasts, Google Podcasts, and the University website.


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