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Leiden University ends participation in EUniWell pilot

Leiden University has decided to withdraw from EUniWell as of January 2023. The importance of synergy in our international portfolio and research and teaching agendas recently led us to accept the invitation to join Una Europa, an alliance of 11 leading European research universities. We have explored the possibility of combining our roles in both alliances, but have come to the conclusion that – given the limited resources – there is insufficient synergy for this.

The goals, thematic focus and partners of Una Europa closely align with Leiden University’s international engagement ambitions within the scope of its new strategic plan Innovating and Connecting 2022-2027.

We are strongly committed to a smooth handover of Leiden’s tasks and responsibilities to ensure the continuation of EUniWell’s activities. Leiden University is grateful for the shared journey, lessons learned and all that has been achieved under the auspices of EUniWell. 


Leiden University wants to be transparent about its decision not to continue with EUniWell beyond the pilot so that it does not hold back the alliance in its ambitions, expansion strategy and positioning for future funding.

Future growth

Leiden University hopes that EUniWell will continue to grow as the great community it has become and is glad to have been able to be part of and contribute to this. 

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