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Pim Rusch

Official opening of the Acts of Kindness pillar in the Lipsius building

It has already been a huge success in The Hague, and now the Lipsius building has one, too: an Acts of Kindness pillar. The official opening took place on Tuesday 20 September.

The pillar is a bit like an old-fashioned notice board that you sometimes still find in supermarkets: students can post cards on which they request or offer something. But while the notice board in Albert Heijn is mainly used for buying and selling things, the Acts of Kindness pillar is also intended as a place where you can do something nice for someone, such as have a cup of coffee or a chat.

Looking out for each other

‘Many students are under a tremendous amount of pressure to perform and are struggling with loneliness,' said assessor Anne Wellink in her speech at the opening. That’s why looking out for each other is so important. This pillar is a place where students can ask each other for help. Even small gestures, like lending someone a book, can make a huge difference.'

Matching supply and demand

‘The faculty already does a lot in terms of student welfare,' says student welfare officer Ellis van Spanje. 'Supply and demand just don't always know where to find each other. Hopefully, the Acts of Kindness pillar can change that.'

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