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LUC Students Participating in National Research Conference on Sustainability

On April 12th three students majoring in Earth, Energy, and Sustainability (EES) from Leiden University College participated in the annual conference of the Netherlands Center for River Studies.

Researchers from academia, professional, and government sectors meet to discuss and present their latest research related to environmental river management. Conference themes included sessions related to water quality of the Rhine, channel morpho-dynamics, long-term changes in riparian environments, and nature-based solutions. The conference was held in Nijmegen, and attendees were able to participate in a local excursion to see recent nature-based management approaches along the Waal River.

LUC EES student Xenia Martinez, with Yente Reinders and Domino Jones, delivered a poster presentation based on her Capstone thesis research about sedimentary and erosion characteristics of the ‘rewilded’ Roer River in Limburg. Dr. Paul Hudson supervised the project, which involved both field work and laboratory analysis. Participating in the conference was an excellent opportunity for students to share their work with a broader audience and connect with established researchers and professionals in their field, including LUC alum Paul Vriend (EES c/o 2019, now with Rijkswaterstaat). Overall, it was a rewarding and enriching experience for the students, and showcased some of the exciting research in sustainability science being conducted at LUC.

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