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University elections: get to know the student parties

The university elections are coming up. Sustainability, inclusion, student well-being… What do you think deserves more attention? From 17 to 20 April, you can vote for who represents you as a student on the University Council and your faculty council. Read on to find out more about the five student parties.

Students and staff from the university are represented in the participation bodies. The University Council monitors the Executive Board, offers advice and helps decide on important issues. The faculty councils are a sounding board for the faculty boards and have the right to consent and advise on all kinds of faculty matters.

If you are enrolled as a student at Leiden University on the date of the elections, you can vote for the University Council and your faculty council. Not every party has candidates for every faculty council. See the election website to find out who is eligible for election at your faculty.

Ella Picavet, DSP - The Hague

Democratic Students Party – The Hague (DSP – The Hague)

Candidate: Ella Picavet

Democratic Students Party – The Hague stands for a university where students have equal opportunities, and is against double standards in every form. Like all parties, we value the quality of your education and well-being, but we also know that access and opportunities are not equal across faculties, campuses and student backgrounds. DSP works tirelessly to represent the student community at Campus the Hague as well as the larger international student body. We don’t shy away from being a critical voice for change. We believe Leiden University should be a place where you feel safe on campus, where your opinions are heard and where discrimination is not tolerated. For one university in two cities, that works for all students: Vote DSP.

Website DSP - The Hague
Instagram DSP - The Hague

Liza Koppes, LVS

Lijst Vooruitstrevende Studenten (LVS)

Candidate: Liza Koppes

LVS represents the interests of all students, in Leiden and The Hague. We stand for inclusion and well-being and keep a critical eye on our university. We look further than the lecture hall alone and want the university to provide not only an education but also a welcoming environment. We therefore call for better communication between the university and its students, accessible university buildings and a strong digitalisation policy. Vote LVS in these elections and make our university a great place for all!

Website LVS
Instagram LVS

Jurian Calis, ONS

Ondernemende Studenten Leiden (ONS)

Candidate: Jurian Calis

I’m Jurian Calis and am a Bio-Pharmaceutical Sciences student. I’ve always been a very active member of the student community, which is why I joined ONS. ONS is the green party for active students. We are committed to the Leiden associations that make our student city so unique. Our focus is on all students’ extracurricular development. We look critically at university policy and want to make the university more sustainable. Leiden University should be a place for everyone, a place that puts the well-being of its students and staff first. So vote ONS!

Website ONS
Instagram ONS

Victor van der Horst, PBMS

Partij voor Bèta en Medische Studenten (PBMS)

Candidate: Victor van der Horst

PBMS gives the LUMC and the Faculty of Science a voice at the university and faculty level, and successfully so! We stand for a university with little bureaucracy and fair representation. Students and staff now face strict registration rules for courses and exams. And we also want more-affordable food in the canteens and longer opening hours. PBMS is the fastest-growing party at the university and takes our role seriously. We have council members at all levels of the university and speak to students and staff from all the faculties. We are constructive and our doors are always open.

Website PBMS
Instagram PBMS

Bas Knapp, LSP

Liberale Studenten Partij (LSP)

Candidate: Bas Knapp

The University elections are the opportunity for students to put their stamp on the day-to-day happenings at out fantastic university. Whether we’re talking about study facilities, making our premises more sustainable, improving the quality of the teaching or promoting a rich and rewarding student life: there’s a good chance that the University Council and/or faculty councils have a say in all these issues. LSP is the biggest, newest and fastest-growing student party in Leiden. Our motto is: student life is about more than studying alone. And that’s what we aim to achieve! Questions or suggestions? Contact us via social media.

Instagram LSP

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