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Will student running association Currimus supply the winning team once again?

Ever since the first edition of the Science Run, the Leiden Student Running Association Currimus has delivered the winning team or the fastest runner. Now the event is back, the new batch of students must uphold the honour. The board is also forming a team: ‘During the upcoming training session, we will explore the route.’

A student sports club where everyone is welcome: that’s the Leiden Running Association Currimus. ‘Whether you’ve been involved in athletics from a young age, or have zero experience,’ stresses president Marleen van Velzen. ‘And whether you are training for a five-kilometre or a half or full marathon.’ Despite its name, the association is not only open to university students. ‘Students from other institutions can also join,’ says competition commissioner Mandy Vork. ‘It is exactly that inclusive, approachable character that makes our association so unique.’

‘When you come to training, everyone is happy to see you.’

Enjoying student life running

Combining a student’s life and playing sports, is that even possible? ‘Fanaticism differs from member to member,’ says Vork. ‘Some members only train with us, others run three times a week in addition to training. It depends entirely on your own ambitions and what makes you happy. Anything goes. It doesn’t matter how fast you run or how many races you compete in. When you come to training, everyone is happy to see you.’ Besides regular training sessions, there is also plenty of time for all kinds of activities. Van Velzen: ‘Think of ice skating, supping, playing pool or getting drinks in town.’

Members who have finished their studies often continue to stick around. Secretary Mireille Ligthart: ‘We have a large group of former students who still train with us from time to time or join in for drinks and other activities. People find it too enjoyable to leave. We have been around for fifteen years now, and the people who once founded Currimus are still involved.’

The current board of LUHV Currimus with from left to right: Contest commissioner Mandy Vork, Pender Marloes Holierhoek, President Marleen van Velzen and Secretary Mireille Ligthart.

Former champion not spotted at training

Due to Covid, there has not been a Leiden Science Run for several years. So most of the members of Currimus are not yet familiar with the event. Ligthart: ‘I don’t dare say whether any veterans will participate.’ In any case, former Leiden Science Run champion Teun Sweere has not been spotted at training for a while. ‘He has become a father in the meantime,’ says Van Velzen. Laughs: ‘I’m sure that plays a part.’

Preparatory training

The board member’s team hopes to be able to meet the high expectations. Ligthart: ‘We are curious about the competition. In any case, we have Carmen in our team: the fastest lady in our club. So it won’t be down to that.’ The strategy has not yet been decided. ‘We still have to see who runs which lap,’ says Vork. ‘And it might be an idea to do a quick recon of the route in the coming training sessions. Then we can decide tactics after that.’

Training and socialising at LUHV Currimus

LUHV Currimus has existed since 2007 and has about 85 active members. Four different trainers provide training twice a week at different levels.

Would you like to join?

Wondering if running is for you? Then sign up for a free trial training session. You can join three times for free. Send an e-mail to bestuur@currimus.nl.

Support Team Currimus or one of the other teams

The entire proceeds of the Leiden Science Run goes to UAF - The Foundation for Refugee students. Support Team Currimus or one of the other teams via their teampage on geef.nl.

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