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Broaden your horizons with an interdisciplinary minor

Until 15 July, you can apply for a Leiden minor. Do you want to cross the boundaries of your own discipline and approach social problems from various angles? Then consider an interdisciplinary minor, for example on violence or the impact of AI.

Complex societal issues viewed from widely differing scientific perspectives: that’s the idea behind an interdisciplinary minor. During an interdisciplinary minor, you study together with students from various disciplines and you receive lectures from lecturers from various faculties. Students and lecturers are very enthusiastic about interdisciplinary minors. Why? Read it in the reports below, and register!

Minor AI & Society

The English-language interdisciplinary minor ‘AI and Society’ explores the role of artificial intelligence in our society. The interdisciplinary nature of the minor is proving beneficiary for students and lecturers alike. We sit in during a class.


Read 'An AI system that tells you why you should eat glass – should that be allowed?'

Minor Violence Studies

The interdisciplinary, English-taught minor ‘Violence Studies’ looks at violence from very diverse scientific perspectives. What are the benefits of this approach? Students and lecturers evaluate: ‘This minor’s a goldmine’.

Read ‘It felt like we were going to fight a group of people’

Minor Authenticity and Art Crime

Made You Look and other series on art forgeries are very popular. Perfect timing therefore for the new Leiden-Delft-Erasmus minor Authenticity and Art Crime. An exciting subject that is also attracting more attention because of the question of what is real and what is not.

Read 'New joint minor Authenticity and Art Crime'

Other interdisciplinary minors

Minor Sustainable Development (English)

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Minor Drug Discovery

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Minor Questions of Justice in Law, Literature and the Arts

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