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The New Scholar: Let’s Make an Impact!

The New Scholar, an interdisciplinary peer-reviewed journal at the Faculty of Humanities of Leiden University, is launching its first issue, and how? With a double issue!

It is composed of outstanding academic projects by our Faculty’s ambitious students. Sharing these works serves to enable pioneering intellectual collaboration within and among our disciplines, ranging from Religion to Linguistics to International Studies. This special double issue is a flagship for that rich diversity of Humanities research: each of its two parts presents six papers of widely divergent but equally significant fields, methods, and subject matters.

The New Scholar is a fully open-access journal, run by students for students. The authors and editors are BA and MA students of all programs at our Faculty, while the peer reviewers are mostly PhD students from across Leiden University. It is open globally, based on Leiden’s strong tradition of engagement with Asian, African, and American cultures.

The editorial team is proud to present their very first and double issue, which was made possible through valuable collaboration among students and the resources provided by the Comenius innovation programme. The New Scholar aims to share knowledge, create more opportunities for collaboration, and support students' academic journeys while growing the online world at Leiden University. As you explore the great variety of topics covered here, the team hopes it inspires you as a reader to consider collaborating and publishing with The New Scholar in the future.

To learn more about The New Scholar and to meet the people working on it, you are welcome to join the festive launch on 18 September at 16:00 in the digital lab PJ Veth 1.07.

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