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Faculty Office has moved to Herta Mohr Building

As from Wednesday 13 May, the Faculty Office has moved to the Herta Mohr Building.

The Faculty Board and the Communication & Marketing (C&M) department are located on the first floor, while Policy, Advice & Strategy (BAS), Financial & Economic Affairs (FEZ), Human Resources (HR), Information Management & Facilities (IFZ) (including ECOLe) and the Management Support and Administrative Secretarial Office of Student Services (OSZ) are on the second floor.  Within the Student Services (OSZ) department, the following study programmes and their study advisers are also now located on the second floor of the Herta Mohr Building: 

  • (Res)MA Asian Studies
  • BA Chinese Studies
  • BA Middle Eastern Studies 
  • (Res)MA Middle Eastern Studies 
  • BA Japanese Studies 
  • BA Korean Studies
  • BA Ancient Near Eastern Studies 
  • BA Religious Studies 
  • MA Religious Studies
  • BA South and Southeast Asian Studies

Herta Mohr's bicycle parking is open from Tuesday 21 May.

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