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Podcast tips for Pentecost

Are you looking for some listening material for the upcoming long weekend? Staff members and alumni of the Faculty of Humanities have been creating various podcasts over the last few months. A selection is shown here:

Een Leidse erfenis – Leidse schatten

How did woollen cloth from Leiden become popular in Africa? What’s the connection between a canning factory in the Transvaal district of Leiden and Indonesia? And why was a tropical plant that grows in the Hortus Botanicus used as a weapon in Suriname? In the new podcast series Een Leidse erfenis (A Leiden heritage), alumni Fenna IJtsma and Mariska van der Veen explore Leiden’s colonial past.

You can listen to Een Leidse erfenis (in Dutch) on all major podcast platforms.

Middeleeuwse toestanden ¬– Thijs Porck, Jip Barreveld, Mette Langbroek, Claire Weeda

Did medieval Europe consist exclusively of white people? And how did people in the Middle Ages perceive race and ethnicity? Middeleeuwse toestanden (Medieval conditions) separates the facts from the fables about these ‘dark ages’.

You can listen to Middeleeuwse toestanden (in Dutch) on SoundcloudGoogle Podcasts and Spotify.

K-pod – Haags college

In their monthly podcast, Remco Breuker and Annette van Soest discuss the background to the news about North and South Korea. How powerful is Kim Jong-un in reality? Will North Korea ever dismantle its nuclear arsenal? And how much influence do South Korean multinationals have on the Korean peninsula?

You can listen to K-pod (in Dutch) on all major podcast platforms.

De postkoloniale podcast – Rick Honings and Coen van ’t Veer

We live in postcolonial times. But what does this actually mean? What exactly is involved in a postcolonial perspective, and what approach should we take to remnants of our colonial past? In De postkoloniale podcast (The postcolonial podcast), Scaliger professor Rick Honings and lecturer-researcher Coen van ’t Veer speak with prominent researchers and writers about their work in relation to the colonial past.

You can listen to De postkoloniale podcast (in Dutch) via Soundcloud, Spotify, iTunes en Castbox.

Paestum stad van godinnen

The Rijksmuseum van Oudheden hosts a podcast series to accompany the exhibition Paestum - city of goddesses. Museum curator Ruurd Halbertsma takes listeners on a fascinating journey through the ancient city of Paestum, in southern Italy. University lecturer Kim Beerden contributes as an expert to four episodes of this podcast.

Paestum, stad van godinnen is (in Dutch) avalaible on Spotify, Apple Podcasts and online.


Every week in Oudheid, a different Leiden researcher talks about their research into long, long ago.

You can listen to Oudheid (in Dutch) on Spotify, Apple Podcasts or online.

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