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Protest at Academy Building and Hortus botanicus ended

Today’s protest at the University’s Academy Building and the Hortus botanicus ended at around 16.30. The dozens of demonstrators left the grounds voluntarily after the university summoned them to leave.

Some 20 people came to the Academy Building at around 08.30 this morning. They locked the front gates with a bicycle chain and hung up banners and flags, and set up a few tents at the entrance to the Hortus. During the morning, several groups of protesters joined the first group. By early afternoon around 100 people were on the grounds. They demanded that the university cut its ties with Israeli universities. The university immediately informed them that it did not want to negotiate with them: a provisional policy on this matter has been worked on over the past months and has now been published.  

Consultation with the authorities

The Academy Building, the Hortus botanicus and the adjacent P.J. Veth building were closed as a result of the protest. Some events scheduled to take place at the Academy Building were moved to another location.

The university spoke to representatives of the protesters several times throughout the day. It also had regular and constructive consultations with the local authorities (mayor, prosecutor and police).

House rules

As the protesters did not follow house rules and because of concerns about the historical significance and fragility of the protest site, the university decided mid-afternoon that the protest should be ended. The university gave the protestors an ultimatum and they decided to leave the grounds voluntarily.

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