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New milestone for the Humanities Campus

The development of the Humanities Campus is entering a new phase. On 13 June, the Municipal Council approved both the zoning plan and the visual quality plan. This means that the university can now go forward with developing the new construction and the central green square on the Doelen side of the Witte Singel-Doelen area.

Long-term project

Now that the Municipal Council has given its approval, work can continue with the further detailed planning. Both the faculty community and the local residents will be involved in the plans in good time. The development of the Humanities Campus is, after all, a long-term project that, with its different construction works, will have an impact on the  local area.

A pleasant green area

The Humanities Campus will be a future-proof and modern environment, in keeping with the townscape. The central green space will serve as a green meeting place in the heart of the campus for students, staff and the city. The design of the space will pay close attention to biodiversity, combatting heat stress and retaining rainwater. The campus will become part of the Singelpark, which will strengthen its connection with the city.  

Energy-efficient heating and cooling

At a later stage, all the buildings will be equipped with sustainable methods of heating and cooling, which means that gas will no longer be needed. An important national development is the (compulsory) transition to gas-free heating. Leiden University is preparing all the buildings of the Humanities Campus for when they can be connected to a thermal storage installation (the underground storage of warm and cold water). Where buildings are due to be renovated, heavy investments are being made in the improved insulation of floors, building facades and roofs.

For more information about the project, go to www.humanitiescampus.nl and subscribe to the newsletter. 

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