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Unique exhibition translates science into music, images and dance

Leiden researchers from different disciplines look together at complex social problems. What happens when they join forces with artists? The results could be seen on Tuesday 11 June during a unique exhibition. Take a look for yourself:

How can you reach a wider audience with your research? By swapping traditional methods such as lab research or journal articles for music installations, photo essays and visual projections. Young Academy Leiden (YAL, a group of PhD candidates at Leiden University) and Young Leiden University (JUL, a network for young staff who want to get more out of their work and time at Leiden University) joined forces with artists. The results can be seen in today’s exhibition.

Music and meditation

‘It’s a unique event’, says organiser Jan van Rijn, as he opens the event in a full room in the Lipsius building. The exhibition could be seen as a new form of science communication. The researchers briefly explain their projects and musician Vincent Martig treats the audience to a short performance before student Linthe van Rooij introduces a spot of zen with a meditation exercise. Then it’s time for the visitors to explore the exhibition themselves. For over two hours their senses will be stimulated in new ways. Take a look:

Text and photos: Wilke Geurds

About the exhibition

This exhibition was the last activity in the YAL ‘seasons of interdisciplinarity’ series, in which researchers from different disciplines worked together on complex issues. The exhibition was in collaboration with LIACS Media Technology and ReCNTR and involved seven projects that explored the boundaries between art and science. The exhibition was a one-off but organisers Jan van Rijn and Bram Boesschen Hospers were pleased with the result. As far as they are concerned, a sequel next year will continue bridging the gap between art and science.

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