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Leiden Assessors Council (LAssO)

The Leiden Assessors Council is a consultative body made up of the student members of each faculty board.

Each faculty has a faculty board and each faculty board has one student member. These student board members are called assessors. The role of the assessor is to represent the interests of students in decision-making and policy matters within the faculty board.  Together the assessors form the  Leiden Assessors Council (abbreviated to LAssO in Dutch).

The LAssO is responsible for the allocation of financial support to students for board membership activities, using funds from three different sources. The so-called A, B and C pot.  

Archaeology Stefan Weijgertse (voorzitter)
Governance and Global Affairs Esmee Braam
Humanities Olivier Fajgenblat
Law Bas Knapp (vicevoorzitter)
Medicine/Leiden University Medical Center Anne Leerling
Science Bernice Dekker
Social and Behavioural Sciences Laura van der Plas


Het Leids Assessoren Overleg
FLTR Stefan Weijgertse (FdA), Esmee Braam (FGGA), Laura van der Plas (FSW), Bernice Dekker (FWN), Anne Leerling (LUMC), Olivier Fajgenblat (FGW) en Bas Knapp (FdR)

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