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Leiden Assessors Council (LAssO)

The Leiden Assessors Council is a consultative body made up of the student members of each faculty board.

Every faculty board has a student member, known as an assessor. The assessor is responsible for the student affairs portfolio and represents the interests of students in decision-making and policy matters within the faculty board. All assessors come together in the Leiden Assessors Council (abbreviated to LAssO in Dutch). They also meet every six weeks with the Rector Magnificus, the head of the department Student Support Services (SEA) and a policy advisor Education of SAZ in the Student Affairs Consultation Meeting (Studentenzakenberaad).

The LAssO is responsible for the allocation of financial support for student board members and co-participation activities. It also has a subsidy budget for interfaculty initiatives. See funds page for details.

Would you like to know more about what an assessor does? Or do you have questions, ideas or suggestions for improvements at your faculty? If so, contact your faculty’s assessor. If you have any general questions about LAssO you can get in contact with the chairman of the LAssO. For the academic year 2021-2022 this is Nadine Louissen, the assesor of the Faculty Governance and Global Affairs.

Archaeology Zoë van Litsenburg
Governance and Global Affairs Nadine Louissen
Humanities Ebrar Kaya
Law Julie Külsen
Medicine/Leiden University Medical Center Yaël Nijhuis
Science Joost Barendse
Social and Behavioural Sciences Noah Westerlaken


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