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Members of the University Council and faculty councils are selected by way of elections in which staff and students can stand as party candidates.

Leiden University has three parties that represent staff members. These are FNV Overheid, Universitair Belang and PhDoc, the latter being specifically for PhD candidates and post docs.

There are also student parties, which are listed here below.

Christelijke Studentenfractie Leiden (CSL)

The Christelijke Studentenfractie Leiden, or ‘Leiden Christian Students Group’, has held seats on the University Council and faculty councils for many years. CSL is committed to representing the entire university community and aims to find the best possible solutions for all. Students are entitled to appropriate education and a sustainable university.

CSL believes that students must always be given the opportunity to develop themselves both within and outside their studies. Your time as a student is an excellent period for personal development. CSL thinks in terms of solutions and, in doing so, always aims for the best results from an ethical Christian perspective. This is evident  both in its opinions and in its way of doing business. Critical and constructive.

Contact CSL by sending an email to secretariscsl@gmail.com.

The Democratic Students Party - The Hague (DSP)

The Democratic Students Party - The Hague (DSP), through its candidate Viktor Blichfeldt, aims to be the representative of all students of Campus The Hague at the highest level of student democracy at Leiden University, namely the University Council. The DSP believes that the students of Campus The Hague experience unique issues that come with living and studying in The Hague. Yet these issues are not dealt with in a proper and timely manner by Leiden University and its democratic bodies, as there is no student party focused on representing the interests of Campus The Hague on the University Council. Working with the other student parties of the University Council, we aim to solve this lack of representation and give all students of Campus The Hague a voice, no matter their nationality or study program.

You can find the party’s programme, views and candidates on Facebook. Contact DSP by sending an email to dspthehague@gmail.com.

Lijst Vooruitstrevende Studenten (LVS)

De Lijst Vooruitstrevende Studenten (LVS) is the largest and most diverse student party in Leiden. Their name translates as ‘party for progressive students’. LVS has three seats on the University Council. It is also the only party that has representatives appointed in a personal capacity on the council of the faculty of Governance & Global Affairs and the Leiden Student Council.

The cornerstones of LVS are personal development, quality of education and the provision of information. Students should not be seen as statistics and the university’s priority should be the imparting of knowledge rather than high pass rates. The core task of the university must be the personal development of its students, for which extra-curricular experiences are essential.

‘If more is to be expected from students, students may also expect more from their university!’ This is the message that LVS tries to get across to the councils.

You can find the party’s programme, views and candidates on lvs-leiden.nl. Contact LVS via: info@lsv-leiden.nl.

Ondernemende Studenten Leiden (ONS Leiden)

ONS Leiden is committed to supporting proactive students who want to achieve more during their student days than just completing their studies. Their name translates as ‘Leiden entrepreneurial students’. ONS opposes the growing number of measures that discourage students from undertaking additional activities in Leiden. Take for example the discontinuation of the ‘doorstroommaster’ (automatic admission of Bachelor’s graduates onto directly related Master’s programmes). 

The university must do more for its international students. This group is often overlooked and insufficiently incorporated into the university community. ONS also strives for a more sustainable university. This is not only good for the environment, but also makes financial sense. If energy bills are lower more money can be invested in education and research.

You can find the party’s programme, views and candidates on stemons.nl. Contact ONS Leiden via Twitter or Facebook.

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