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Students can stand as candidates during university elections via a party. On this page, the student parties present themselves.

Student parties

“CSL has held seats on the University Council and the faculty councils for Law, Humanities, Social Sciences and Science for many years. Every student is important to CSL and it is our priority to ensure that all students have easy access to education (whether you have a disability, suffer from stress, are doing a double degree, or are undertaking student board duties). CSL is committed to representing the entire university community and aims to find the best possible solutions for all. Students have the right to appropriate, personal education and a sustainable university.

CSL believes that students must always be given the opportunity to develop themselves, both within and outside their studies. Your time as a student is an excellent period for personal development. This is evident both in our views and our way of doing business. Critical and constructive.

If you are experiencing problems or have suggestions for improvements, we would like to talk to you in person. You can contact us secretariscsl@gmail.com of our Facebook page.”

Visit the CSL website (in Dutch)

"The Democratic Students Party - The Hague (DSP) aims to represent the interests of all students of Campus The Hague in the democratic co-participation bodies of Leiden University. The DSP’s main focus is improving the facilities of Campus The Hague and fighting for better student housing. As the student party with the first ever international representative on the University Council and coming from a campus with a substantial international presence, the DSP has also taken on itself the task of representing the interests of the often overlooked international students of our university. Working with the other student parties of the University Council, we aim to solve this lack of representation and give all students of Campus The Hague a voice, no matter their nationality or study program.

You can contact the DSP via dspthehague@gmail.com or through their Facebook-page."

"Your student days are a wonderful time. Especially in our beautiful student city, with its rich student association culture and endless opportunities. As the only liberal student party in Leiden, the LSP wants students to be given more opportunity to develop themselves alongside their studies. We believe that every student is capable of following his or her heart and setting the right priorities, and that the university should stimulate students to make their own choices whenever possible. After all, there’s a good reason why the university’s motto has long been 'Praesidium Libertatis’: Bastion of Liberty."

Visit the LSP website (in Dutch)

“De Lijst Vooruitstrevende Studenten (party for progressive students) strives for the creation of a diverse and inclusive university, in all respects. The university should be a place where all students can develop on a personal level, irrespective of their background, nationality or (dis)abilities. This means that the university must focus on student development, of which important aspects are the stimulation of extra-curricular experiences and attention for students who need extra support or guidance. LVS is for ambitious students, who want to get more out of themselves, both within and outside their study programmes.

LVS is committed to the maintenance and improvement of the quality of education and the provision of information. After all, knowledge transfer is the goal of the university.

If more is to be expected from students these days, students can also expect more from their university! This is the message that LVS wants to get across in the councils.

You can find our party’s programme, views and candidates on lvs-leiden.com. Contact us via: lvs.leiden@gmail.comFacebook or Instagram.”

“ONS Leiden is committed to supporting proactive students who want to achieve more during their student days than just completing their studies. Their name translates as ‘Leiden entrepreneurial students’. ONS opposes the growing number of measures that discourage students from undertaking additional activities in Leiden. Take for example the discontinuation of the ‘doorstroommaster’ (automatic admission of Bachelor’s graduates onto directly related Master’s programmes). 

The university must do more for its international students. This group is often overlooked and insufficiently incorporated into the university community. ONS also strives for a more sustainable university. This is not only good for the environment, but also makes financial sense. If energy bills are lower more money can be invested in education and research.

You can find our party’s programme, views and candidates on stemons.nl. Contact us via Twitter or Facebook."

More information will be published here soon.

Positions elections 2019

These are the positions of the four student parties participating in the Faculty Council elections of the Faculty of Science in 2019. Click each of the themes to view the positions.

The Faculty of Science houses many non-Dutch researchers and teachers. This means that it is inevitable that certain courses will be taught in English, however the level of English used in teaching has to meet a reasonable standard.

A better environment for international students begins with adequate study facilities and the chance to broaden oneself through extracurricular activities. Internationalisation is important for the development of our educational system but we must make sure that it does not compromise its quality. 

All information has to be available in English, teachers have to be tested on their English proficiency & integration with international students is essential for CSL.

International students are entitled to receive the accommodations they need to study optimally and to participate socially in Leiden.

A bachelor-program should prepare a student sufficiently for a subsequent master program, without a necessity for further entry requirements such as minimum grades, mandatory electives or a minor. Also, students should be able to shape their own curriculum, for example by pursuing a research project in an external institution or company or by taking electives at another university.

ONS is for students that want to broaden themselves beyond their major. Recording lectures gives students more flexibility, ensuring that ancillary activities do not get in the way of properly following the curriculum. Any other changes that give students more time for personal development, such as making all schedules available at the start of the year, have very high priority for ONS.

CSL wants better education facilities, a good functioning uSis and Blackboard, only submitting assignments online for sustainability and more attention to education on a small scale.

It must be ensured that Brightspace is an adequate replacement for Blackboard. The emphasis should be less on excellence and more on student development. Activities that are not study-related should be encouraged more.

A modern university program demands a digital platform which provides easy access to all the relevant materials for its courses. This includes the timely announcement of detailed schedules, recording lectures for students who have been ill and sufficient materials and old exams to prepare for any exams.

Sustainability is extremely important. All single-use plastic bottles on campus must be replaced by reusable bottles. People should get a discount for getting coffee using their own mug. In this way the University may shows its willingness to help save our environment.

Students who want an extra challenge must be supported in this, allow people with a disability to study more easily by recording lectures, among other things, and realizing more study spots.

During the construction of the new Gorlaeus building, modernization of the old buildings is important. For example, the installation of recording devices in the lecture rooms.

Vote online during the university elections from 8 to 11 April

The elections take place online. To vote you must use your ULCN account. From 8 April 2019 (9 am) you can use this account to log into the election application. You can cast your vote until April 11, 2019 (4 pm) at the latest.

Cast your vote

About co-participation

The Faculty Board is a co-participation organ in which students and staff members can take part in discussions and have an influence on the decision-making with regard to the faculty policy. On a university level the university council follows the decisions of the Executive board critically. Representatives for both councils are elected during the university elections every year. 

Who will be representing the voice of the students within the faculty of Science next year? You decide! You can vote during the elections from Monday 8 until Thursday 11 april.

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