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Erasmus+ ICM: for exchange at American University of Cairo or Hebrew University of Jerusalem

Via the Erasmus+ International Credit Mobility programme (ICM), there are a number of scholarships available for students with limited financial resources who have been nominated for an exchange place at the American University of Cairo (AUC) or the Hebrew University of Jerusalem (HUJI).

1 December 2021
Target group
Bachelor, Master
Countries/ nationalities
Egypt and Israel
Scholarship type
Archaeology, Humanities, Medicine/LUMC, Governance and Global Affairs, Law, Social and Behavioural Sciences, Science, Interfacultair Centrum voor Lerarenopleiding, Onderwijsontwikkeling en Nascholing (ICLON)

For who

You must be a registered Bachelor or Master student at Leiden University and at least in the second year of your studies. 

Eligibility requirements

  • You meet all the application requirements for a university-wide exchange programme. See Exchange - Approval and application
  • You must apply and be selected for an exchange place at the American University of Cairo (AUC) or the Hebrew University of Jerusalem (HUJI).
  • You have limited financial resources available for your studies abroadYou need to be able to prove this by either providing documentary evidence that you receive a DUO-top up grant or by completing a Nibud student budget form.


  • During your stay abroad you must continue to pay the statutory tuition fee to Leiden University.
  • You must submit all the required documents on time before, during and after your Erasmus+ period. Failure to do so will result in you being obliged to pay back the full Erasmus+ grant. After you have been selected for the Erasmus+ ICM scholarship, the SEA Scholarships Team will provide further information about the required documents and guide you through the procedures.


Erasmus+ ICM scholarship recipients may not receive a LUSTRA+ or Holland Scholarship for the same activity abroad. If you are awarded an Erasmus+ ICM scholarship, any LUSTRA+ or Holland Scholarships applications/awards will be cancelled. 

Scholarship amount

The Erasmus+ ICM scholarship includes:

  • Contribution of € 530 euros towards your travel costs.
  • Monthly stipend of € 700 euros for the duration of your studies abroad with a maximum of 5 months (150 days).

Note that the stipend is calculated per day. If the actual duration of your studies abroad is shorter than 5 months, the stipend will be lowered accordingly. 


  • Apply for an exchange place at the American University of Cairo (AUC) or the Hebrew University of Jerusalem (HUJI) via the uSis study abroad portal. Read more about the university-wide exchange application procedure.
  • As part of your application, in the required letter of motivation, include a line stating that you wish to apply for an Erasmus+ ICM scholarship and that you can provide evidence of having limited financial resources upon request. 
  • If you are selected for an exchange place at AUC or HUJI, you will receive an email asking you to submit one of the following items by 1 February 2022:
    • Documentary evidence that you are receiving a DUO top-up grant
    • OR if you are not receiving a DUO top-up grant, a completed Nibud student budget form (in Dutch). If you have difficulty completing the form, contact a student counsellor for help.

Selection process

  • Recipients of the Erasmus+ ICM scholarship will be selected by the SEA International Relations team. You will receive the results of the selection process by email by 20 February 2022.
  • If any Erasmus+ ICM scholarships remain, these scholarships will be offered to the other applicants nominated for exchange at AUC or HUJI (irrespective of their financial means), by way of a lottery system.


Since 2015, Erasmus+ has offered student exchange opportunities beyond Europe through the International Credit Mobility (ICM) Programme, expanding past the intra-European exchange programme in existence since the implementation of Erasmus in 1987. Supported by the European Commission, the Erasmus+ ICM Programme promotes the mobility of students and staff members for study, research, teaching or training between higher education institutions located in Programme Countries (predominantly the EU, EEA) and Partner Countries (rest of the world).

Disclaimer Leiden University

The Scholarships Team of Leiden University is responsible for the administration of the Erasmus+ ICM programme. It is, however, at all times the responsibility of the student to ensure that all the required documents are complete, signed and submitted within the timelines given. If you do not submit the required documents on time, no claim can be made on the Erasmus+ ICM scholarship and you will need to pay back the full Erasmus+ ICM scholarship.

Disclaimer European Commission

The Erasmus+ ICM scholarship is funded with support from the European Commission. This publication (webpage) reflects the views only of the author. The European Commission cannot be held responsible for any use which may be made of the information contained on this webpage.

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