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Student associations

Leiden University is well known for its student associations, which provide a great way for you to get to know your fellow students. As well as parties and social events, student associations also offer excellent sporting and cultural opportunities.

On this page you can find all the student associations that fall under the umbrella organisation the 'Local Chamber of Associations' (Plaatselijke Kamer van Verenigingen). As well as many social associations, the list also includes international, religious, cultural, sports and music associations.

Leiden student associations

Student associations are social associations. That is to say membership is not based on a particular field of study, interest or background. Despite this, each association has its own particular identity. You can experience this best during the EL CID introduction week or during the various ‘open weeks’ throughout the year.

ALSV Quintus 

Boommarkt 5a 
2311 EA Leiden 
071 – 514 4405 

ASV Prometheus 

Postbus 439 
2300 AK Leiden 

De Dinsdag Avond Club (DAC)

Kaiserstraat 25
2311 GN Leiden
06-22 29 55 67

Leidse studentenspelvereniging Het Duivelsei 

Pelikaanhof 52 
2312 EC Leiden

LSV Minerva 

Breestraat 50 
2311 CS Leiden 
071 – 516 1920 / 513 0741 

LVVS Augustinus

Societeit Eigen Huis 
Rapenburg 24 
2311 EW Leiden 
071 – 514 066 


Hogewoerd 108 
2311 HT  Leiden 
071 – 512 0900 

SV Biruni

Kaiserstraat 25 
2311 GN Leiden

VSL Catena

Kolfmakersteeg 8 
2311 VG  Leiden 
071 – 512 0774 / 512 7195 

International student associations

There are also a number of international student associations that have branches at Leiden University.  

International Student Network (ISN-Leiden)

Plexus Student Centre - Breimer Common Room
Kaiserstraat 25
2311 GN Leiden 
071 527 7973

European Student Association (AEGEE-Leiden) 

Plexus Student Centre – International House -1st floor
Kaiserstraat 13,
2311 GN Leiden
071 -  527 5552


International association for students of economic and commercial sciences
International House
Kaiserstraat 13
2311 GN Leiden

DEAL Foundation

Development through Entrepreneurial Action Leiden Foundation
International House
Kaiserstraat 13
2311 GN Leiden


European Union Student Association
Phone: 06 3622 0064

Leiden United

Dutch and international student association
Kaiserstraat 25
2311 GN Leiden

SIB Leiden

Leiden student association for international relations
International House
Kaiserstraat 13
2311 GN Leiden

Stichting JASON

Dutch youth foundation for transatlantic collaboration
Kaiserstraat 25
2311 GN Leiden


Contrast Leiden is an association of Christian students from the Leiden area that aims to bring Dutch and international students together. Its goal is to help international students feel more at home in Leiden by way of small informal events.

The Hague Student Associations

Haagsche Studenten Vereniging

Sociëteit Megara IV
Burgemeester van Karnebeeklaan no. 3
2585 BA ‘s-Gravenhage
070 – 364 6743

Sports Associations

Leiden University has its own sports centre, the University Sports Centre (USC). Many student sports associations are affiliated with the the USC. As well as arranging training sessions and competitions, student sports associations also host a range of social events, such as parties, excursions and sports weekends.

Discover the Leiden student sports associations.

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