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Study associations

A study association is a good way to combine study-related activities with pleasure. Every faculty has one or more study association.

Many study programmes have their own study association. For more information take a look under the faculty tab, or speak to the administration of your study programme. 

Archaeology study associations

Most specialisations in the Archaeology programme have a society (student association).

These societies are all part of L.A.S. Terra, the umbrella student association. Each society regularly organises interesting and informal activities. Information about these activities can be found on the societies’ websites or in the student newsletter.

The societies

Indian America: Johan de Laet 
Classic Archaeology: Reuvens 
Near East: Nabu Na'id 
Prehistory/Bioarchaeology: Johan Picardt 
Asia: Maitreya 

L.A.S. Terra

L.A.S. Terra is the student association for all archaeology students in Leiden. Terra is subdivided into different societies for each of the different specialisms in the programme. For first year students, Terra organises special activities such as the first years’ weekend. There is also a discount for first year students when buying study books. 

Every 3rd Thursday of the month, a drinks reception is held in the Van Steenis building. Terra also organises several infamous archaeology parties for students throughout the year. 

As most of the students are a member of one of the societies and thus of Terra, being a member of Terra is a great way to quickly get to know your fellow students. To join a society, use a registration form, available in the Terra room, C0.08. You can also send an e-mail to L.A.S. Terra: info@lasterra.nl

And visit the Terra website for news, information about activities and photos.

Pre-Columbian society Johan de Laet

The society for students studying archaeology and the languages and cultures of Indian America was set up in 1984 by a group of enthusiastic students. Every year, a new, young and enthusiastic committee initiates a whole range of interesting activities: lectures, film evenings, intellectual excursions (in the Netherlands and abroad) and, of course, drinks receptions. 

We are not only interested in the Indians from Mexico or the Caribbean, but also in the Inuits and prairie Indians and the archaeological remains in Tierra del Fuego. You will regularly receive news of activities by e-mail or see them on posters. We also organise activities with other societies which are part of L. A. S. Terra, such as parties, symposia, etc. Even if you’re not a member, you are welcome to come along. The committee looks forward to seeing you soon at one of our evenings. 

More info: johandelaet@gmail.com

Classic society Reuvens

This society for classic and historic archaeology has been organising lots of fun and interesting activities since 1985. These include the monthly drinks parties, film evenings, lectures, tours and excursions as well as the annual trip abroad! And of course these activities are totally classic! 

So if you’re interested in Classic culture and their native neighbours, join Reuvens! 

For more information, visit the Reuvens website, or send an e-mail to: reuvens@plexus.leidenuniv.nl.

Nabu Na’id

Nabu Na’id is the society for students studying the Near East at the Faculty of Archaeology. This includes the regions Anatolia, Mesopotamia, Syria, the Levant, Egypt and all the associated literary courses. Anyone who is interested in this area of archaeology and/or literature is welcome. 

Throughout the year, we organise activities related to these studies for our members. These include lectures, study trips abroad, workshops, dinners, films, drinks receptions, exhibitions and much more. This is a way of getting involved in your study and/or region of interest in an informal way. You also get to meet your lecturers, fellow students and others with similar interests away from the classroom. 

We hope to see you at our activities this year! If you have any questions or if you would like to join, send an e-mail to: nabunaid@gmail.com or visit the Facebook page of Nabu Na'id.

Leiden Prehistoric Society Johan Picardt

For over 40 years, Johan Picardt in Leiden has been the society for Prehistoric Archaeology. Over the years, Science-based and Historic Archaeology have also joined in. As the biggest and, dare we say, the most enjoyable archaeology society, we organise lots of educational and fun activities relating to Dutch archaeology. 

These not only include historic and prehistoric activities, but also experimental and underwater archaeology, which means we can offer a varied programme every year. We’ve got lots planned for this year too. Beside the regular drinks reception on every 3rd Thursday of the month, we’re organising another spectacular trip abroad, an excursion to the NISA, the Reuvensnacht and a palaeolithic survey. Interested? Send us an e-mail, contact one of the committee members or just join us at one of our drinks receptions! E-mail: Johanpicardt@gmail.com.

Society for Asian Archaeology Maitreya

We are the youngest but also the most diverse student association. Who are we? We are Maitreya, the society for Asian archaeology in the widest sense of the word: from Archaeology to Zen. 

We organise activities like drinks receptions, Asian films and documentaries, Asian meals, lectures and excursions to exhibitions. 

Anyone who is interested is welcome to join us. If you’d like to know more, come along to one of our activities, chat with one of our committee members, visit the Maitreya website or send an e-mail to AAMaitreya@hotmail.com.

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