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Study associations

A study association is a good way to combine study-related activities with pleasure. Every faculty has one or more study association.

Many study programmes have their own study association. For more information take a look under the faculty tab, or speak to the administration of your study programme. 


Logo studievereniging Itiwana

Itiwana is a study association connected to the Institute CA-OS that brings students of Cultural Anthropology & Development Sociology together. During your studies,  Itiwana will inform you of the latest news, offers you cheap study materials and is your go-to organisation for study-related activities. It will help you make the most out of your study!

More than just books and exams...

With the right information about studies and internships, anthropology will be more than just books and exams. Every year Itiwana organises after-study drinks, parties, interesting lectures, field work meetings, trips abroad, book sales and the yearly survival weekend.

Magazines and newsletters

Bulletin (Itiwana)Four times a year, Itiwana releases Bulletin, a magazine with news and columns about the association. 

Three times a year, Itiwana releases ICA, a semi-scientific magazine. Starting anthropologists, lecturers and Itiwana members discuss interesting anthropological themes with their peers.

Four times a year, the alumni newsletter is sent out to all former students of CA-OS. This contains important developments and interesting activities for our alumni. 

Website en Facebook

You will find up-t0-date information about the study association's events aswell as photos of lectures, parties and fieldschool meetings. You will also find lots of information that can help you with your studies or tips on how to spend your free time. 


On Facebook there are several commisions and a private group where you can exchange information with your fellow Iti's. Make sure to subscribe if you don't want to miss anything!

Facebook-group Itiwana (private)

Facultair Etnologisch Dispuut WDO

Logo WDO

The Facultair Etnologisch Dispuut - WDO is a student organisation associated with the Institute for Cultural Anthropology and Development Sociology of Leiden University. The WDO organises monthly discussions about themes related to cultural anthropology and development sociology. Events range from a lecture from the famous speaker Jan Pronk, to an inter-university debating competition.


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