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Places of worship

Many Leiden University buildings have a quiet room that can be used for meditation and prayer. You can request the key at the reception of the building in question.

There are many churches, faiths and religious communities represented in Leiden and The Hague.

Information on places of worship can be found on the websites of the Expat Centre Leiden and The Hague Global Outpost Service.

Leiden University also has a number of religious student associations that you are welcome to join.

Retreat (for meditation or prayer)

Many university buildings have a retreat available, a room that staff and students can use for quiet reflection, meditation or prayer.

For the Faculty of Humanties that room (stilteruimte) is located in the Vrieshof 3 builing, room 0.12C. Staff and student may retreive the key from the reception desk in the Lipsius building.

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