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Religious associations

There are several religious student associations at Leiden University, as well as the Leiden Student Ekklesia.

Christian associations

VGSL Franciscus Gomarus

VGSL Franciscus Gomarus is an active and fun Christian student association. At Gomarus you’ll form friendships, reinforce your Christianity, develop your academic skills and gain lots of experience. For example, during general meetings you can learn to debate and in our committees you can gain experience in organising activities. Bible groups and social get-togethers are also high on our agenda.

ESV Ichthus Leiden

Ichthus is a small Christian association of enthusiastic students from all corners of Christendom. Members get together every Wednesday for bible study sessions and other activities. Ichthus also organises association weekends, study groups and other activities for those who wish to learn more about God and our lives with Him and each other.  

Navigators Student Association Leiden (NSL)

NSL is an open Christian association with more than 300 members. NSL also offers a great deal to non-members. By way of happenings, alpha courses and other open activities, NSL aims to stimulate people to think about God, Jesus and themselves.
www.nsleiden.nl and www.navigatorsnetwerkleiden.nl 


Panoplia Christian student association is the Leiden branch of Civitas Studiosorum in Fundamento Reformato (C.S.F.R.), a Christian student association with its foundations in the reformed church.

Islamic associations


SABR, founded in 2007, is Leiden’s Islamic student association. SABR stands for ‘Studenten Actief ter Bevordering van Religie’ which translates as ‘students active for the promotion of religion’. Sabre also means patience in Arabic. Its goal is to promote the integration of Muslim students in Leiden student life and offer interesting information about Islam to both Muslims and non-Muslims alike.

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