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Binding study advice (BSA)

If you have obtained insufficient study credits due to exceptional circumstances, such as illness, exceptional family circumstances, pregnancy or student board membership duties, the board of examiners must take this into consideration when issuing study advice.

However, this does not necessarily mean that you will be permitted to continue studying. The board of examiners may still decide that you must discontinue your studies, if your results are found to be insufficient after taking into account your capacities, attitude to study and motivation.

Report your circumstances

If you would like the board of examiners to take your exceptional circumstances into consideration, you must report them. When doing so, you will need a statement from a professional, for example a doctor or psychologist.
To report your circumstances, make an appointment with your study adviser. Together you can draw up an adapted study plan. Your study adviser will also explain how you must present your situation to the board of examiners.

The earlier, the better

The earlier you report your circumstances, the greater the chance that the board of examiners will take them into consideration. Make an appointment with your study adviser as soon as you think that your studies might be impacted by your circumstances. Reports of exceptional circumstances must be received by 15 July at the very latest.


If the board of examiners finds that it does not have sufficient information about your exceptional circumstances at the end of your first year to decide whether you may continue studying,  it may postpone the issuance of binding study advice until the end of your second year.

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