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Personal circumstances

A student psychologist can help you to deal with personal and study-related circumstances that might be impacting your academic progress.

Urgent situations

If you need urgent psychological help, contact your GP. Outside office hours, you can contact the ‘Out of hours doctor’s post’ in Leiden  or The Hague.

​​​​​​​Notify someone about your situation

If you are having difficulties and need academic assistance make sure to notify your study adviser or coordinator right away. Together you can decide on the best plan of action to avoid you falling behind in your studies and/or being issued with negative binding study advice. If you follow the official procedures for reporting and minimising your academic delay the board of examiners must take your circumstances into consideration when issuing binding study advice. It is very important that you officially notifying someone about your situation to avoid problems escalating.

Taking action

In general you’ll feel a lot better if you talk to the people around you about your situation. You can also take action yourself and try to get to grips with the problem. The tips and advice provided below might be of some help:

  • On the Healthy University @Home website you can find tips and advice to help you monitor and improve your mental wellbeing during the time of corona. 
  • Take the SMART test to help discover the strengths and weaknesses in your approach to studying.
  • Read our study tips for advice on common study-related problems.
  • The university holds frequent workshops and training courses on subjects such as time management, overcoming exam stress and assertiveness. Take a look on this page for more details.
  • Send your question to a student psychologist.

We hope the tips, advice and options mentioned above will help you get back on track. But if you need more support you can arrange this via the university.

Student psychologists

If you are unable to resolve the problem yourself, if it keeps recurring, or if you feel you need more support, you are welcome to ask our student psychologists for help. They can assist you in looking for solutions and finding any additional help you may need.

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