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A disability can have an impact on your studies and exams. In some circumstances special educational facilities might be required.

The following facilities can be offered to help students with a disability during their studies and exams:

  • physical aids (for example a laptop for use in exams);
  • extra time for exams;
  • flexibility in terms of seminar attendance requirements;
  • oral exams;
  • extended deadlines for the submission of assignments;
  • amendments to binding study advice requirements (Leiden study system). A prerequisite is that you have drawn up an adapted study plan at the commencement of your studies or in your first semester, in collaboration with your study adviser.

If you have a disability and require a facility that is not mentioned on this page the university will do its best to meet your needs, in as far as this can be reasonably expected.

Requesting extra educational facilities

If you require extra educational facilities as the result of a disability please contact Fenestra Disability Centre. Fenestra will submit your request for extra facilities to your faculty. To request extra facilities you will need a medical statement issued by a professional, for example a doctor, psychiatrist or psychologist. Are you having difficulties obtaining a statement? Ask instead for a copy of your medical dossier, which you are always entitled to.

The final decision as to whether you can be granted extra educational facilities is made by the board of examiners of your study programme. If your request is denied you are entitled to appeal against the decision. Fenestra can assist you with the appeal procedure. 

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