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Studying and top-level sport

Combining studying with top-level sport requires dedication and careful academic planning. If you want to take on the challenge Leiden University can offer you personal guidance and help you to maximise your talent.

If you encounter difficulties that you don’t know how to tackle during your studies please contact our student counsellor for top-level sport (see contact details on the right of this page). The counsellor is aware of all the options available and will be able to offer you personal guidance and advice.

Additional possibilities

Are you competing at national or international level, and do you have A, B, High Potential or NTC status from the national sports organisation NOC*NSF? If so the university will do its utmost to be supportive. You may, for example, be granted additional study facilities such as:

  • extended deadlines for the submission of assignments;
  • (partial) exemptions from compulsory attendance requirements;
  • additional re-takes;
  • alternative educational assignments;
  • flexibility in terms of binding study advice.


At the beginning of each academic year you and your study adviser should sit down together to look at your upcoming academic and sporting obligations and draw up a clear plan.

Extra funds

Are you an NOC*NSF athlete in category A, B, High Potential or NTC, and have you fallen behind in your studies because of your sporting activities? If so you may be eligible for financial support in accordance with the regulations on financial support for students. For more information please contact the student counsellor for top-level sport (see contact details on the right of this page). 

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